About AFP

About Arkan Forg Pishro company

   Arkan Forge Pishro Company is a producer of industrial part based on hot forging Process. T-bolts and nuts for rail track systems (rail fasteners) and automotive and tractor parts are among the products of this company.  AFPco. is development of the former Arkan Part forging workshop (producer of hot forged parts). This company, with registration number 1099 and national ID 10120199, operates as a private joint stock company in the field of industrial parts production based on hot-forging.

With the belief that "the general welfare of the society is not improved except by production and creation of added value", our policy is to increase the quality and quantity of products by improving the technical knowledge of personnel and applying automation methods in production and quality control so that we can simultaneously Satisfy customers, produce competitive products at the national and international level and have a share in increasing the level of general welfare of the society.

Board members of the company
 Mechanical engineer PHD
Master of Industrial Management
Master of Financial Management
Associate of agricultural machinery

Company Activities:

Design of industrial parts for production by forging method & providing advice to customers

Hot forging services for car parts

Production of all kinds of bolts and nuts with size 20 mm and above by hot forging

Production of special rail track Fasteners, such as T-shaped, Hammer head or squared head by hot forging

Simulating the hot forging process using simulation software